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White Star Manna Reiki

Samarah and the Masters Invite You to Experience

White Star Manna Reiki

Reno, Nevada

This workshop will be rescheduled for fall 2015 or the beginning of 2016

Harmony Visions Sacred Circle

What new glory might we each embody if we activate our Soul Star Chakra and invite the Star Energies to Transform and Transmute our cells?

Sage Spirit is delighted and honored to sponsor this White Star Manna Reiki Workshop offered by Samarah, traveling all the way from Arizona just to share this very special Reiki wisdom that she’s channeled through the years with the help of Ascended Masters and Archangels. This is completely different from the Reiki Certification Workshops that I offer, and it’s an oh-so-magical, delightful gift to the spirit. Whether you are a Reiki Practitioner or Master or someone very committed to your spiritual journey and curious about the inner workings of our Ascended Masters and Angels, this will be a treat for your soul. You will positively float away in a sea of bliss by the end of the weekend, or at least, that was truly my experience after Manna Reiki last year. You will see the same reflected in a testimonial at the bottom of this post. Not only that, but so much of what I and others set into motion last year in Samarah’s workshop has dreamed-into-being in physical form so much more quickly than I would have imagined. I am finally getting out of my own way! I am truly excited to experience this magic once more and to move my manifestation and creation to the next level… with ease and grace of course!

See below for more information if this sounds awesome to you.


White Star Manna Reiki is the latest offering given to Samarah by the Ascended Masters and Star Beings. Building on the foundation of Usui Reiki which activates the light body and allows for the transmission of light; Manna Reiki deepens the alignment of your head, heart and hands, through the energies of Mother Mary and Archangels Michael and Metatron.  Until now, the Star Body alignment has only been offered as a 1-1 experience.  This new workshop allows for the Star Connection to be made, infusing the Reiki filled light body with the Star Energies as the Soul Star Chakra is opened.

Instruction includes:

  • A deep discussion of any core beliefs about mastery that may be inhibiting your full power and mastery.
  • A powerful Release protocol and practice to assist you in letting go of any pattern or belief that no longer serves you.
  • A Transmission of the White Star galactic Reiki energy that will further enliven and illuminate your energy field.

Benefits may include:

  • A powerful bubbling up of joy from the release of fear and judgment and the freedom of this new energy field.
  • A renewed Clarity about your purpose and chosen direction.
  • A deep peace and acceptance of yourself and others as you bask in the loving energy of the community we establish.

The weekend event combines practices and experiences with messages and attunements and will be held at the home of Denise Sheehan, a sacred Reiki retreat center for Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki.

Contact Denise at denise@sagespiritcoaching.com or 775.240.0814 (cell)

The tuition for the weekend Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-3 pm is $333.

(Payment plans and Paypal available)

We will be creating an altar so bring crystals or sacred objects that you want to have bathed in the energies. A journal to record your experiences is also recommended as so much happens during a weekend like this.

For more information, write to Samarah at samarahgrace1111@gmail.com.


A testimonial from a recent participant:

As a recovering psychologist, student of metaphysics, and passionate seeker of spiritual truth I have attended my fair share of workshops. Samarah’s workshops are pure magic and in a class by themselves. Everything flows with the effortless grace and perfection that defines her. Not only because she is so gifted that she could read the phone book and have it be a deeply mystical experience-but also because the people she attracts have absolute integrity, generosity of spirit, are gifted healers in their own right and  a joy to be with. The combo platter is amazing. You will walk in and fly out.  So please give yourself this gift.  GO!  I promise you – you will be grateful. ~ Respectfully, Barbara Glazier-Robinson PhD

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