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Conscious Choice in Responding to our World

I’ve found in my journey that there are multiple ways that we can react and respond to events in our lives. In general, to react tends to be less conscious. We may blow up with anger, yell or become violent in some way, and generally create even more harm. Conversely, if something feels very painful, overwhelming, or threatening, we may go into denial or ignore the situation, losing an opportunity to effect positive change for ourselves and others. To respond is to take a more conscious approach. We may choose to respond in a practical way, such as through any action: volunteering, donating, advocacy, lobbying, etc. We may also choose to respond in an energetic way, such as through prayer, Reiki, imagination, visualization, etc. Reaction happens as part of the human condition, as do responses intended to harm, unfortunately. However, this article will focus on practical and energetic ways of consciously responding to effect positive change, and I will offer some resources to you that may boost your effectiveness at creating change energetically.

This discussion brings me back to the story of Champ, the stray dog that we found and took home with us, and whom I wrote about in my last blog post. When we found Champ, we chose both practical and energetic ways to help him. During his short stay with us, practically speaking, we took care of his present needs, including a much-needed hair cut. We consulted our own animal-support community, including veterinarian, breeder, and groomer. We also reached out to new resources, including our local Australian Shepherd Rescue person and our county’s Animal Service’s web site, along with other on-line sources. We placed an on-line ad for found animals, hoping for a happy reunion with his “long-lost” family. We looked at existing lost-pet ads hoping to find a lead.

In the process, we learned that Champ’s care did not legally constitute abuse or neglect, even though he was not “long-lost” as we suspected. We had no legal grounds to withhold him from his owner. By the way, I hold the intention of seeing more compassionate laws on the books for our four-legged friends. Instead of withholding him, we compassionately talked with the owner about Champ’s need for medical care and grooming, and she agreed to take better care of him. We also modeled loving behaviors toward Champ during the time we spent together, including respectful language and physical affection, hoping that his family would see him in a new way. Also to that end, we let Champ’s “mom” know how well-behaved he can be in the home and how much he enjoyed feeling a part of our family. As you can imagine, engaging in all these activities pretty much replaced everything else we had planned for that weekend, as all our efforts were committed to taking care of Champ.

On the energetic realm, of course, I am blessed to have Reiki to offer. I continue to send plenty of Reiki to Champ, knowing how receptive he is to the energy. In addition, I send Reiki to the situation, for the greater good of all. Aside from offering Reiki, I visualize the most positive outcome for Champ and his family. I see him as happy, healthy, playful, and loved. In my experience, all things are possible when addressed in the energetic realm. Coming from a place of non-attachment to any outcome, holding space for the “higher good,” seems to be a very healthy approach when engaging in energetic healing and balancing.

Because of the magnitude of causes and issues in need of healing in our world today, I find that I can effect more change in the energetic realm than I can by simply doing what I do in the physical realm. That way I don’t have to choose how to divide my energies. I can send healing energy to the earth and government at the same time. I can contribute to the healing of the oceans while also focusing my intent on food safety and medical freedom. I believe it’s part of our evolutionary journey to awaken to the wisdom that we are energy BEings more than we are matter, and how we focus our energy matters.

Speaking of energetic healing, during another trip this summer, Dana and I visited our favorite quiet spot high in the Sierra Mountains. There, over several days, we held a ceremony for healing and re-balancing all-that-is. This brings me to the space of offering some resources for those who might be searching for energetic ways to contribute to The Shift. While in the mountains, I began to put into practice at a deeper level, The Gentle Art of Blessing: A Simple Practice That Will Transform You and Your World, as written by Pierre Pradervand. This book was gifted, by the way, from a most loving, lovely friend and former client. “The practice of blessing is a simple way to develop a constantly centered awareness. It is also a tool for growing in universal love and avoiding judgment” (p. 13). We may begin the practice by simply blessing our day, blessing ourselves, and blessing those we encounter in our day. We may bless health, prosperity, joy, love, freedom, vision, intuition, etc. We may choose to bless those with whom we’ve experienced some pain, sorrow, or anger, to heal ourselves, them, and also the energy in the space in between us. To practice the art of blessing is to witness and embrace the perfection in all of us, regardless of how we show up at times.

For another resource, you may want to learn about Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water. Dr. Emoto’s work shows that messages of love and gratitude create the most beautiful water crystals. Because so much of our planet, and our bodies, are composed of water, we have the opportunity to heal ourselves and our world by exposing our water to positive messages of love and gratitude. Dr. Emoto proposed a meditation for the waters of Fukushima, Japan, which many of us around the globe adapted for all the waters of our planet and which we offer each day. With hands in prayer pose, we say three times, “The water of Earth, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.”

To stimulate other ideas, you may want to visit this Facebook event page: “40 Days Focusing on Manifesting New 5D Earth.” To date, nearly 8,000 people gather on Facebook for the event, visioning a balanced, beautiful New Earth into being. Yes! Power in numbers!

Positive responses to any situation may occur in both the physical and energetic realms. Each of us may choose to integrate practical and/or energetic approaches, based on our intuition and heart-based wisdom. As Mahatma Gandhi suggested, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” These are amazing times in which to create a better world.

Where will your imagination lead you?

Where are your heart, feet, and hands called to dance?

What world would you most like to call into being?

How will you choose to respond to your desires?


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