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Summer Soirée – Special Invitation to Gather in Reno Area

Camping, Vintage Style at OdaBe

Camping, Vintage Style at OdaBe

Dana and Denise love to celebrate you and all you’ve cleared and created through these remarkable times of transition and transformation! We welcome you, your friends and family to join us for a celebration of sageness and life on Saturday, August 2 from two o-clock-ish until whenever we feel complete. This is a casual potluck, bring-your-own-beverage party that will likely involve some version of sagebrush croquet (aka “cruel crochet”), live music and dancing. Other notes:

  • We have plenty of space for RVs and tent camping if you’d like to stay over. Let us know in advance if you’re bringing an RV and you are welcome to come as early as noon to set up.
  • We will have a BBQ and one extra sun oven available. Aside from a dish and beverage, you may want to bring a lawn chair, hat, and boots for hiking.
  • If you plan to bring dog(s), let us know so we can plan for proper introductions with ours.
  • Please be careful of our tender sage brushes when parking. We actually love them. A lot.
  • Best of all: It looks like we will have live blues too! Rick Hammond’s Blues Band will be playing sometime in the late afternoon/early evening. They accept tips, and it’s okay to show your love.
  • RSVP and we will send you directions to find us.
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