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The Value of Body Wisdom

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At the center of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want. ~ Lao Tzu

I identify at least two types of intuition. One source lies in the gut, as in, “I had a gut feeling about that.” This is often related to survival intuition, as in, “is this road safe tonight?” There may be an imminent threat, but I also use the term “survival” loosely to include anything that would cause us to leak life force energies. We read this intuition primarily through our bodies’ responses to things. Another kind of intuition sources through the forehead region, or “third-eye” via information access through our crown. I think of this intuition as related more to spiritual guidance or wisdom, coming from the Divine, Source, Universe, our angels and guides, or our higher selves.

We often need a great deal of stillness and peace to access this type of wisdom, but we may find ourselves challenged by the sometimes raging cacophony in our lives, in our heads, or both.

Sometimes the intrigue and intricacies of life leave us challenged in accessing our intuition, and I know this first hand, believe me. Reading the ebb and flow of energy in our bodies can often prove much easier than jumping from chaos to inner stillness. It’s simple, really, but not easy. If we are feeling vibrant and alive, we’re on a good and nurturing path. If we’re losing energy, feeling angst, sleepy, weary and more, there’s definitely room for improvements on our paths.

We can also use this strategy to contemplate potential paths for ourselves, reading our energy bodies as we engage our imaginations. However we feel as we imagine the path is likely to mirror our experience as we walk that path in the future. If we don’t like what we feel when we imagine our desired path, we may have to clean something up in our thoughts and beliefs, or perhaps we just need to choose a different path.

As one who feels fairly adept at accessing intuition (and I even teach classes on it), several months ago I experienced a situation where I couldn’t intuit or think my way out of a paper bag. I was full of discord and confusion. The mixed messages coming through me literally felt maddening. I knew I needed to change something, but I simply could not see my path clearly at all. I felt paralyzed, drained, queasy, dumb, crazy, ungrateful, unkind, and even frightened.

But I knew… I knew in my body that I was leaking energy like crazy. It wasn’t that anything or anyone was wrong, but my body and guides desperately wanted me to choose other than I was choosing, and my body held undeniable evidence of that needed change.

I knew I needed to consciously create enough space just to gain a clue, even if just a single, simple clue. When I did, I heard from my guides. “Walk away from this.”

I didn’t know why. I didn’t want to. I didn’t know how to. I asked them for help, “Show me the way.”

I knew I just had to start it, let it create its own momentum, and invite loving support from the Universe. So I did.

Bit by bit, I felt myself become cleaner, clearer, more focused and creative, more connected to my guides, more fun-loving, more healthy and energetic, and more… everything!  It also helped to get coaching and Reiki from others as I embraced the transition. Grateful!

I have been experiencing similar situations with clients and friends of late, so I thought I would share my experience and insights, encouraging you to pause and to check in. Your body may have something to share right now. It may begin with a subtle knowing, such as Myss articulates above: “I’m leaking energy.”

You may catch yourself saying something like:

  • “I know I need to finish this project, but I don’t have any energy for it.”
  • “I know I need to make a life change, but I have no idea what it is.”
  • “Every time I think of that person, place or situation, I feel drained.”
  • “I don’t seem to feel passion for anything these days.”
  • “Fun? What’s fun?”
  • “Overwhelmed: The New Normal.”

That’s your language mirroring your body telling you something, and that something needs attending. Pushing through the project or making the best of the relationship may reduce the stress or discomfort to some degree, but you will still be left with the bigger issue to explore. Variations of the situation and discomfort will show up as many times and in as many ways as it needs to until you finally wake up.

Unconsciousness is created through thousands of years of trauma.” ~ Proterrian as channeled by Tim Glenn

So how to wake up? Perhaps you may try these inquiries to access your inner wisdom or else work with your coach to help you to unravel the mystery you face:

What do I know is really working in my life? What feels good?

 Where am I when I notice fatigue or discomfort?

 How do I feel when I’m with each person in my life?

 What frightens me?

You may notice what life-changes bring the most fear or dread. That may be the most important place to look for there’s most certainly contracted energies there. Chances are, there’s some blockage of awareness. More awareness and more consciousness are the only ways to create spaciousness and expansion. They are the only pathways to life-fully-lived.

And you are worth it, no matter how scary the first step. You are courageous. You are worth it.


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9 Responses to The Value of Body Wisdom

  1. Dana Meister says:

    Great post Denise,
    Learning to read those subtle messages from our intuitions amongst all the other inputs and data we assimilate is a skill that is learned (sometimes the hard way) 🙂

    When to push through a uncomfortable stretch or recognize it as a “redirect” sign? I believe that is a moving target we interpret in each moment.

    I think the “Heck Yes” approach to “is my heart in this” question ties right into reading what our body is putting out.

    Do I always listen? Heck no… sometimes the power of choice allows us to do the craziest stuff… that’s a part of the human / spirit interface.

    My goal is to listen and act positively when I feel I’m leaking energy unconsciously.

    That can be a bit of work for a person that is mostly open all the time.

    What a wild ride… would I have it any other way? Sure, with grace and ease…

    Yum Yum, DanaMeister

  2. Somraj says:

    Another beautiful post and inspiring to me. About pushing through, thought thus might be an interesting addition…

    “There are those that say, if you do the uncomfortable thing long enough, it will become comfortable. But we are really not encouragers of that. We are encouragers of coming into alignment, and then taking the action. We are encouragers always of getting rid of the fear; we would never want you to keep doing things that you feel fearful about. And maybe the path of least resistance is just not get on the horse. Maybe the path of least resistance is to get on a different horse—but we would never move forward in fear.”


    Excerpted from the workshop: Billings, MT on June 21, 2003

  3. Abel Rodriguez says:

    Nice post Denise. Once again it hits the spot. Thanks.

  4. Alluvia Love says:

    Denise, I appreciate this post for the clear guidance on looking inward for intuitive messages. I am also in this process and am aware that my limiting beliefs about myself still get in the way of hearing some messages of my heartmind (I get your distinction between ways of intuitive knowing and I no longer make that distinction for myself.) My awareness allows me to continually shed limitations as I observe myself receiving an inspiration from the Universe (in-tuition as in a teaching of the Universe entering my being) and then a moment later comes the cognitive mind on its own wanting to talk me out of the first message. It is a pattern easy to spot once I accustom myself to observing it. Thank you, Alluvia

    • Hi Alluvia, As always, I appreciate you sharing your perspectives and wisdom. I too can relate to the cognitive mind’s intervention. I think of it as my inner negotiator, “ya but…” In one of Caroline Myss’s audio workshops, she tells us to ask a question, then listen. The first answer is always the intuitive one, as you suggest above. When I began to operate from this knowing, many struggles turned to ease. I still have my falling-down times though, as I mentioned in the post. But I mostly enjoy the journey. Love and blessings, D

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