For over a year now I have had the pleasure of working with Denise Sheehan.  I feel fortunate for the opportunity to describe the benefits that working with her can have  on a person's life. From the moment I stepped in to Denise's office on our first visit I felt like I had found a safe haven. The simple space that she creates physically is very dense and complex in its energy. Denise absorbs her friends/clients the second they enter her arena. If kindness, compassion, attentiveness and reciprocation were tools of spiritual battle then Denise is one of a very select few that I would want by my side as I go through the fire!

I have gone to Denise wanting clarity in a number of areas of my life. Intimacy is amongst them. She allowed me the space and sanctuary to reveal myself, my skeletons and did so without the feeling of judgment entering the room.I would wind and weave through the enigma that is my psyche, aloud, and at the end of our session Denise would offer up "homework".  The homework would be exactly that, tasks, both mental and remedial, which derived from my own words. This appealed to me, as I like having things to do physically as well as contemplatively. For example this week's homework; Contact a person that recently inspired me to say thank you or whatever I might want to say. The second and third items she gave me were: something to anticipate (spiritual guidance) and something to contemplate (fearless action). The last assignment was her own two cents, "practice be kind to Cody day!" Simple, direct and all things I was asking (on some level or another) to hear.

Denise Sheehan seems to me to be a natural healer. She uses several modalities at once when giving me bodywork, which with my many layers is what I need. She intuited that about me. When we are talking she allows me the space to verbally work through my aggravations. She, like an Aikido master uses the momentum that I have already created to help me along my way. Which sometimes does leave me flat on the mat of my life, but in the best way. During our time she has helped me ask some tough questions and then waited with me for the answers. She has really helped my growth process, softening some of the associated pains with Glossary Link Reiki, crystals and
sonic healing devices. She has an ever-expanding knowledge base of many spiritual modalities and is just a great communicator. I consider my self a peaceful warrior as in; I choose to battle my demons with honesty and humility. I feel Denise is of the same ilk. Meeting and working with her is like meeting a friend as I scramble, searching through a dark room, trying to find the light. She doesn't necessarily just reach out and turn it on for me because she truly cares and in that caring understands that I  just turn it on myself.That action I believe is the only way I have ever been helped by another through any inner battle.

Thanks Denise!!!

Cody Remaklus, 4.7.12