Sky Spirit Shamans Certification Program (visit our new website!)

Sky Spirit Shamans is a two-year intensive program, where participants are empowered to embody deeper expressions of:

  • Healing from the inside out, becoming whole – more vibrant, creative, joyful, abundant
  • Awakening archetypal and innate shamanic capacities
  • Integrating Glossary Link Reiki, Medicine Wheel, Shamanic Healing, Stargate Experience, Conscious Channeling, Rites, Rituals, Ceremony and Glossary Link Life Coaching for healing self and others
  • Integrating indigenous wisdom from the South and North Americas, as foretold in ancient prophecies
  • Walking the path of the heart-full healer accessing, creating, and sharing wisdom for the greater good of us All


Upon completion of this two-year program, participants will be:

• Certified Sky Spirit Shamans

• Certified Reiki Master Teachers

• Conscious channels through The Stargate Experience

• Accomplished in life-coaching fundamentals

• Ceremonialists


Within a Medicine Wheel framework, we embark on a journey of four sacred directions (South, West, North, East) over the course of two years, including:

• Between 20 and 24 weekend gatherings, approximately one per month (including instruction, discussion, ceremony, rites, rituals, experiential learning, meditations, healing arts; classes will begin in March 2022 

• "Secret" Facebook group to report and share our learning, including homework assignments

• Private two-hour healing sessions (one per each direction included with tuition, four total); additional sessions at half-off

For course fees and other inforamtion, visit