In Support of Important Life Transitions: 



We offer customized ceremonies for weddings, specializing in shamanic, earth-honoring ceremonies indoors or outdoors. Your ceremony will be a unique expression of you, your beloved and the love that you share. Denise Sheehan is a minister through Universal Life Church Monastery since 2007 and registered to perform ceremonies in Nevada, as well as California. You may pay a suggested $200 love offering plus travel expenses through our "Love Offerings" button. 

Baby & Bridal Blessings

Bring a unique flavor to your baby or bridal shower, where your friends enjoy a shamanic journey to retrieve symbolic gifts and messages to support new life and new beginnings. We bring art supplies so that each journeyer can capture the feel of their journey and symbolic gifts to include in a shamanic prayer bundle. 

Death Rites

We offer ceremonies honoring friends, family and those transitioning through death. Often when we transition, we are traumatized, heavily medicated and/or frightened of surrendering to the process. Through shamanic journey, I can help your loved one transition in a way that's supportive of their journey and honoring of their faith tradition, while ensuring their spirit becomes freed from this realm rather than latching onto a loved one's energy field. Sometimes when family members struggle to let go, the transitioning one will hesitate to go as well. When your loved ones are are transitioning, we can help as they find their way into the spirit-realms, while offering comfort and nurturing to those letting go. After the spirit leaves the body, we perform a shamanic death rites ceremony that helps to release the energy field from the physical body. We accept travel reimbursement and "Love Offerings" for this service.