Jessica Levity Daylover is also adjunct faculty for our Sky Spirit Shamans Program. She shares... 

My name is Jessica, and I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Philosophy, Sociology, and a certificate in LGBT/Gender Studies. This is where I began to uncover my deep passion for Metaphysics. I'm also a trained Clairvoyant (graduate of the Reno Psychic Institute's 1-year program), Master of Ceremony, Affirmative Prayer and USUI Holy Fire II Glossary Link Reiki Master, New Thought minister with Alchemist Theatre, and a graduate of the Sky Spirit Shamans training program (Class of 2019). My healings are a synthesis of my Psychic training, my practice in Real Love, the 12 Steps, Improv, Shadow Work/Play, and Shamanism. I believe "healing" is a result of accepting personal responsibility for whatever is showing up in your life, getting out of your story (returning to Eagle), surrendering to the Deep, prayer, and always feeding your Shadow through ceremony, art, and symbolism.

You can learn more about Jessica on her website